Welcome to Hope Sparks

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Welcome to Hope Sparks Community

WHAT? Hope Sparks is a welcoming zone for parents to discover new ways to educate their kids for our modern world and a collaborative platform for trailblazing educators to make new connections.

WHO? We are an artfully-curated community of inspirational leaders (of all ages), education experts, heart-led teachers and parents on a mission to weave wellbeing into education. 

HOW? We’re sharing resources, inspired action and innovative models on new ways of learning. Expect to explore resources like: books, videos, interviews, new models and inspiring articles that share a different approach to education. 

Land here for engaging discussions, inspiring events, paradigm shifting models and programs and to connect with new people.

Why Join Us

The face of education is changing. New models, movements, leaders and inspiring action is bubbling up all over the world both in education and how people are approaching family life. We are witnessing the emergence of self-empowering and self-managed models presenting new ways for our next generation to learn and families to carve out a life with less shoulds and more connection. Hope Sparks is a human space to share, learn and connect.

Who is Hope?

Hope Sparks Community is hosted by Hope Paterson and her beautiful network of humans on a mission to support learning for the future.

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